Case Studies

A technology licensor was running short of funds due to ill-conceived foray into an unrelated technology field. We rationalized the business, discontinued the non-core competence enterprise, and focused resources on scalable audio technology licensing business. With renewed focus, the company was able to outmaneuver larger rivals to license its audio technology to Apple Computer and Samsung Electronics. The results were first-ever profits and a successful sale of the technology to a larger, better-capitalized company.

A clothing manufacturer was unable to obtain piece goods at the start of the season due to broken promises of prior management. We prepared weekly cash projections, developed payment plans, and met with every supplier and factor. Trust was rebuilt through positive action, lines were reinstated and disaster was averted.

A retailer had no plan to evolve from a single store format to a nationwide platform. We helped develop real estate selection parameters, operating procedures, and merchandising mix so that expansion to 20 stores in 18 months was successfully and profitably achieved.

A high technology manufacturer had abruptly ended its relationship with its primary lender just prior to a significant downturn in its business and at a time of a major overseas plant expansion. In addition, the company was required to extend credit to new overseas business. We prepared the client to approach the market, prepared and delivered presentations, obtained lending commitments in excess of $20M, secured credit insurance, and assisted with the funding.

A rapidly growing apparel distributor, dealing historically with boutiques, was challenged managing significant increases in department store business. We guided this growth while maintaining margins and exclusivity, educating management on avoiding the pitfalls and risks of such a broadening customer relationship.

A family grocery had cash flow difficulties. We created a rolling 13-week cash flow, an open-to-buy for purchases, and showed the client how to actively manage the relationship between commitments and weekly revenue.