“Henry was able to quickly come into a new situation and grasp the business needs and evaluate the talent around him. As my direct superior he was a great mentor helping me lead the finance and accounting teams. He has a high level of emotional intelligence which helps to get diverse teams on the same path working together towards the goals. Henry brings a calm focus to an organization with his leadership style and values input from every team member. Allowing team members to add their voice to the discussions Henry is able to put together a better decision-making process resulting in a high functioning team and overall organization.”

Mike Cornforth, MBA, CPA | CFO, NKSFB

“I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Henry side-by-side for an extended period of time in my role as an executive operations and strategy consultant at an international client. Henry is a natural team leader, and in his role as CFO, has the natural ability to bring executives together with the objective of building sustainable, financially feasible operations. Henry’s deep experience as a Chief Financial Officer in both public and private companies is second to none, and he wields his exceptional skills and background with a sharp organizational focus on core capabilities, advanced financial metrics, and sustainable financial profitability. One of his most impressive abilities is to set-up and manage an effective financial and planning infrastructure that allows companies to grow, improve and expand – all the while sustaining healthy profit margins and positive cash-flow as foundations for the organization’s long-term future. Henry is an accomplished turn-around specialist for companies with complex product and service offerings and far-flung supply chains and can implement financially feasible operating plans rapidly and effectively. His board-room presence is calm, fact-based, and goal-oriented, providing a stable and solid basis for executive decision-making.”

Alexander Ali, MBA | Business Transformation, The Unicorn Company

“I worked with Henry for several years, including working with him on Sirena’s first IPO. Henry is a dedicated, straight-shooting, and intelligent executive who proved to be a fast learner of the intricacies of the public offering process and without whom, I do not believe the IPO would have been successful. When we faced an 11th-hour challenge to going forward with the offering, Henry refused to accept defeat and was instrumental in rallying the team so that we could formulate a plan that ultimately secured success. Henry dealt with his public company constituents properly and effectively, fully understanding his fiduciary responsibilities and carrying out his work with great integrity.”

Peter Menard, Esq. | Board of Directors, Diodes Incorporated

“I reported directly to Henry for two years at Ed Hardy. During those two years, Henry built a strong team of professionals that grew the Ed Hardy brand into an amazing business.
I admire Henry as a strong business manager but even more so as a passionate leader.”

Philip Del Rio | Executive Vice President, HH Retail

“Henry is a intellectually superior finance guy who is quick to identify and quantify a problem and has a skill at identifying solutions more quickly and “out-of-the-box” than others I have dealt with. He’s a strong manager, a leader and a trusted professional.”

Richard Randall | Board Member, P & F Industries

“I had the pleasure of working with Henry at Naked Princess, a Beverly Hills-based lingerie and beauty company. He was brought on board to analyze our current business operations and ultimately implement new strategies for growth. It was clear from the very beginning that Henry was a natural leader with a deep and balanced understanding of every component part of our business; from sourcing and manufacturing all the way through to marketing, distribution, & sales. His presence was immediately apparent as our internal processes became more streamlined, costs dropped, time to market shrunk, and our sales grew leaps and bounds. It was a great privilege to have worked alongside Henry, and I’d recommend him wholeheartedly to any organization.”

Stephen Schauer, Photography Director

“I reported directly to Henry for over two years. During my time working with him, I learned so much about proper accounting practices and cash management. Because of his experience, he was the go-to person for all and any accounting and finance questions. He has an exceptional understanding of accounting methods and why things are done a certain way. He can be depended on for accurate and thorough record-keeping. Henry is an asset to any team he is on.” 

Taylor Mason, Senior Accountant, This Bar Saves Lives

“Henry is a brilliant business executive with an incredible knowledge of how to evaluate any business for its core values and create a performance-driven team environment confident in his leadership, where at any given moment, every single teammate knows exactly what the goal is, and how they each play a role in achieving it. Henry is a leader that believes in his people, and thus, they reciprocate their integrity by embodying his success principles daily. What I learned from Henry has been the largest stepping stone and the healthiest development of business principles that I could have ever asked for. I am so fortunate to have worked under him, and truly hope we cross paths again. I recommend Henry with the highest regard, for any position of work, leadership, friendship and any other capacity in which he can share his genius.”

Justin Timsit, Beverage & Hospitality Professional

“Henry Mandell is the consummate professional. I had the pleasure of working with Henry at the Sirena Apparel Group. Henry was a wonderful mentor. Henry taught me everything important about how to run a business profitably. With Henry’s guidance, I learned how to leverage my sales skills into becoming a business person. Henry always made company profits paramount while striving to meet customer needs. Henry would be a key asset to any company fortunate enough to have him on its team.”

Holly Berman-Schwartz, Independent Consultant